Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Fashion Week subsidy for the UK, not China

Fashion Week subsidy for the UK, not China. A proposal

The circulation of tax money spent on London Fashion Week should benefit more taxpayers and help rebalance the economy. The money should not just go to big business, London service industries, and Chinese factories. Think of this like a manifesto idea.

Current estimates of where the money goes are based on decades-old figures about how many factories make things in the UK. Now there are less. Other money circulates to PR agents, photographers, and the London parts of international fashion operations. These do not help to rebalance the economy towards the regions and manufacturing.

UK factories should nominate and have their names quoted

Reference requests. Subsidise only the fashion companies that can get a reference from a UK or European factory.

Publish the names of these factories during the fashion week.

Hold the event in Leicester or some town with clothing factories in it and cheap hotels, rather than an expensive and over-crowded town like London.

Taxpayers pay London Fashion week via the Department for Business and Greater London Authority

London Fashion Week is subsidised by the Department for Business, The Department for Culture, and the Greater London Authority who pay a trade association called British Fashion Council to organise it.

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