Monday, 14 December 2015

Rebalancing the UK economy

Rebalancing the UK economy

Hard to make things in the UK I think, because the little workshops that remain can't find each other. Government has the data at its tax offices that could help write a trade directory, but does not release it and the Customs Act over-rides the Freedom of Information Act in allowing them to keep the data secret. Apparently, tax data can only be collected for the purpose of collecting taxes.

The report looks generally glum. It's difficult to make goods in a democratic welfare state, so autocracy and poverty tend to win, and there are 47 pages of this to read.

There is one reason to read some detail. If you spend £100,000 on sponsoring Esthetica at London Fashion Week or Ethical Fashion Forum, then you might influence government consumers and media.

Rebalancing the economy (or buyers' remorse)

Planb4fashion may be easier to read on a single page
a blog by which is a vegan shoe shop

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